ITLDC.com自称从1991年就开始商业化运作,旗下有3个分公司(ITL Bulgaria Ltd,Camper Solutions Corp,ITL Internet Service),反正这些本人是无从考证,具体情况不明!目前主要的业务有:服务器出租、VPS、服务器托管、存储型服务、reseller从域名注册时间来看不到5个月,如果想买这家的东西最好月付下。本人已经去问官方服务器端口和流量问题了!

Dronten, NL (ping, trace, check download speed -
Kharkov, UA (ping, trace, check download speed -
Los Angeles, US (ping, trace, check download speed -

SSD VDS512 with 512Mb RAM and 15Gb s"不可描述"age - 3,5€ or $4,79/month 【优惠码:LETDISCOUNT】


each node connected to the core network at 1Gbit/s. We do not set any hard limits on volumes of traffic.

Yes, I know that everything has own limit. Say, if your VDS generates up to 5-7 Tb per month - there is no problem at all. If you need constant, dedicated bandwith for multimedia or file distribuion, we will start discuss about your migration to dedicated server.

Regards, Dmitry

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