在“推特儿”上面看到vps.net的VPS的CPU升级了,原来是0.6Ghz,现在是1.2Ghz了,喜欢的可以去购买!vps.net的VPS在流量上面给的相当的充分,再加上在全世界各地有相当多的数据中心,因此事大家不可多得的VPS选择。去瞧瞧吧 www.vps.net
原文:CPU Upgrades
We all like power. So we are giving all users across all plans a free CPU upgrade. Currently all of our nodes come with 0.6 GHz of guaranteed
CPU. We are doubling this to a speedy 1.2 GHz, free of charge for all users, as of today. To activate this you just have to restart your VPS and the
system will automatically change your CPU quota. Quick, simple and free!

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