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dynadot算是一家比较大型的域名注册公司了,10月域名促销第一波送上, 购买地址:$3.99 注册.org 优惠码: ORG2013
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COUPON INFO: FREEPRIVACY coupon code will only work on new registrations for domain extensions that allow privacy. TREATIN coupon code is only for .IN transfers and 1 year renewals. Both coupons expire 10/31/13 23:59 PDT.

NEW SALE INFO: Our .CN sale price only applies to Internationalized Domain Names on the .CN domain extension: .CN Domain in Chinese Characters. IDN .CN sale ends 10/11/13 23:59 CST (China Standard Time). Learn more

.MX sale ends 10/31/13 23:59 CDT (Central Daylight Time). .SX sale ends 12/25/13 23:59 UTC. .WS sale ends 12/31/13 23:59 PST. Please note that .WS pricing is increasing to $16.99 for transfers, 1 year renewals, and 1 year registrations (when not on sale).

CONTINUING SALES INFO: .ME sale price is now $9.99. No coupon codes required. .IM sale ends 10/31/13 23:59 BST. .TV sale ends 12/31/13 23:59 EST. All others end 12/31/13 23:59 UTC.



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    • 折腾mm 折腾mm 4

      3.99 org 还有么

        • gongyi gongyi

          @ 折腾mm 应该还有的,你去看看吧

            • 折腾妹 折腾妹 4

              @ gongyi 优惠码已失效

                • gongyi gongyi

                  @ 折腾妹 再有的话我就更新吧!