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今天早上最新的邮件显示:sharktech鲨鱼机房)宣布正式收购 和 changeip.com的全部业务,业务何时处理完成尚未说明;不过按照sharktech官方产品的销售价格,以后的 和 changeip.com的全部业务涨价可能性是非常高的。所以,有个不成熟的建议:乘着这个间隙,买入rectified.net和changeip.com的VPS产品,然后坐等鲨鱼官方接手运作;这应该是个不错的选择。我还是说明白点,这只是个人的想法,愿意冒险的可以试试! 前任老板给主机测评开了2个独家优惠码,可以享受7折购买:

rectified – 7折优惠码/40G高防VPS/KVM/不限流量/洛杉矶



rectified怎么样? VPS 测评,KVM,不限流量VPS


12月8日更新: 收购正式完成,依旧如前面文章里面说的,鲨鱼最终完成了收购业务,虽然有点儿一波三折的意味。





Sharktech Statement on Rectified Networks

Recently we discovered a senior system administra"不可描述" was secretly operating a reseller account. This administra"不可描述" originally described as his wife's business. Logs were discovered which indisputably indicated that this administra"不可描述" was not only operating the business (rather than his wife) but also allocating his employment shift to his side business. Logs indicate that this has been going on daily for over three years. After reading through the logs, it was also determined that this administra"不可描述" was leveraging his trusted position at Sharktech to act in the interest of his side business, even when doing so directly conflicted with the best interest of Sharktech. We have several years of logs to back this claim. The administra"不可描述" was asked several more times if he was running Rectified Networks, but he denied doing so each time.

When presented with the logs, the senior system administra"不可描述" confessed and asked what course of action Sharktech thought was appropriate. He asked for forgiveness and for continued employment. Due to the long term and close relations Tim has had with the administra"不可描述", Sharktech offered the administra"不可描述" an option where he could continue working for Sharktech, but Rectified would need to be closed or be turned over to Sharktech, as it is an obvious conflict of interest to own a competing business. The administra"不可描述" originally agreed to transfer the business to Sharktech, an arrangement that included compensation. We have logs to back this claim. Upon granting us access to his billing system, we observed the use of our intellectual property in active use for this business.

A few hours later, the employee changed his mind, deciding to quit Sharktech and cancel the company transfer. At this time, Rectified resources are on hold pending deeper forensic investigation and legal consultations.




We understand your frustration and inconvenience the current outage of services has caused, but it’s due to a dispute between our company and the datacentre where we are hosting all our servers. They have illegaly captured all our servers and are not ready to release them. We are currently working on other options.
We have done a tie up with another datacentre which also has excellent connectivity with China as well world wide globally.
We have even ordered new servers to be able to provide quality and better services again. But you need to allow us few days time before we can all our servers online. We except to have most of our services online by next week.
All our clients will be compensated for the trouble and downtime you had, but we request you to please be a little more patient about it, we are working our level best to resolve this situation.
Also we request our clients to avoid disputing payments with paypal or your bank as it will only make the situation worse for us.





can I ask one question
the was down , what has happened ?

I can't comment on human resource issues

is there any news about this issues ?

You'd have to ask rectified and hope that they give an honest answer. At this time we're not commenting.



Currently all our VPS nodes along with our website and helpdesk is down, even our Chicago, Denver, Amsterdam and Los Angeles dedicated servers are down, the reason being our colocation provider decided to take down all our servers without any explanation and even deny to release our hardware.

We are currently working with another provide in LA, USA, with optimised networking to China to setup our new servers, we are currently even ordering our new server hardware, but this whole process is going to take few days, so please kindly have patience, we will be posting more updates soon.

We understand it's not acceptable for services to stay down for so long, but currently we are helpless and situation is not at all under our control, we may even take legal actions against our Colocation provider, but for now please bear with us for few days.



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              @ doruison 这两条更新,捋清整个事。

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                @ doruison 他们国外开庭会拖很久的。在国内目前的法律环境,像nyavm这种单方违约的case,要打也可以打的,胜算很高,可惜国人维权意识不够强..

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                    @ alomoi 心疼,这家机器还是不错的,今年年初我就上车了,一直挺不错。。。

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                    邮件说 不要PayPal Bank发起争议…

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                        今天情況各種變化 真不知道接下來會怎麼樣!一直拖!

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                            尼玛 现在是在演电视剧了吗

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                                    @ 鸡仔 无故扣压机器可能性不大,偷用资源应该更合理

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                                        @ Noble 大意是跟鲨鱼谈好了,期望7号(时差的话可能8号?)服务器上线。但没回复补偿和数据备份的问题。We have reached a preliminary agreement with Sharktech and their counsel is preparing a document to complete the acquisition. We’re hoping to have that signed and servers back on tomorrow.

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                                            @ zodiacg 大手子你在哪看到的呀,可靠吗?

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                                              @ zodiacg 意思是最终还是同意并到鲨鱼里面了?

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                                                  @ SunZz 看样子是这意思。看明天有没有什么进展吧,要是成功收购了,我就撤销争议

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                                                      @ MxdStudio 已经恢复了

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                                                          @ formm 我是2号下单的,一直是pending,然后恢复以后就一直登陆不进去说noclients 在我的邮箱地址下。。。无语无语。。。

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                                                              @ evangelion1007 我的明年2月到期,这家如果不出这事还真不错,速度飞快,稳定性也不错,哎,出了这档子事

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                                                                @ evangelion1007 我和你情况一模一样,也是2号下的单,当时就一直pending,网站恢复后,现在那个账号已经提示不存在,无法登陆。

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                                                                  @ evangelion1007 刚刚给我的邮件是这样的。

                                                                  Your services will soon be moved to Once Service moved you’ll receive separate email containing login credentials.
                                                                  Please open support ticket there to avail free month extension.

                                                                  Mohsin Rizwan

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                                                                      @ ericli 我的类似,只不过我被划分给了shark。。。

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                                                                @ Noble 我也收到邮件了。就2句重点:Moving forward, we will be issuing a free month of service to all Rectified Networks clients. This is aimed to compensate for the inconvenience over the past few days, facilitate file access for clients who intend to cancel, and to help offer a smooth transition to Sharktech.

                                                                “不可描述” customers will have some login credentials updated, but will otherwise continue to experience the same product at the same price.

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                                                                  @ Noble sharktech官网vps依旧19刀,看来这种以后应该没了。。。

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                                                                      @ Noble 不过估计这种小vps可以在changeip买,rectified的客户区和购买都关了,网站也跑到了joesdatacenter,changeip倒是还在sharktech,la。(为啥changeip官网比挂堪萨斯的rectified还慢。这叫一个龟速。。。。)

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                                                                          @ Noble 似乎是特效太多?似乎点进去购买界面就快了

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                                                                            借楼问一句,我在rectified上用ssx上google总是被定位到印尼,广告也是印尼,开的“-”会员也不能用了,有人遇到这个情况吗?试了 没用

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                                                                                @ 1q 似乎是sharktech使坏了?刚刚试了试,安卓ss几乎连不上,电脑很慢,不知道是不是限速了。早上还没事。主要是sharktech机房一直220ms上下(我这里早晚都这个数),刚刚ping稳定301ms/302ms。不太正常。。。。

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                                                                                    @ Noble 感觉被限速了,ping自己好了,ss也终于连上了,然后最高30k,excuseme?(;´д`)ゞ

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                                                                                        @ Noble ss也自己好了,interesting。可我啥都没弄啊,只是一直断开重连断开重连。。。。(′д` )…彡…彡

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                                                                                      @ 1q 我也是显示印尼……

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                                                                                          @ dododo 我也怀疑限速了,等着移交完和鲨鱼沟通一下试试?

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                                                                                            @ dododo 我的貌似没有,3m/s下载很稳

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                                                                                              @ dododo 北京联通的网速和过去比没啥区别,这时候4k视频没有压力

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                                                                                              Rectified 很久没搞活动了 想入手他家12刀小鸡,之前用别人的很稳定

                                                                                                • gongyi gongyi

                                                                                                  @ hostlvo Rectified.net已经不存在了!

                                                                                                    • hostlvo hostlvo 1

                                                                                                      @ gongyi 意思是现在只能买changeip的啦?这两个机器一样吗?现在的测试IP怎么都失效了

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                                                                                                      • gongyi gongyi

                                                                                                        @ xxx 你们没有搞清楚情况都在瞎传!