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我也不记得是昨天还是前天了收到了cheapwindowsvps发来的邮件,消息里面说支持支付宝付款了。cheapwindowsvps的windows vps据反映还挺好,但是不方便多次反复折腾系统,我也只是听说而已。大家去围观官方网站把

Cheap Windows VPS Now Supports Alipay

In efforts to better serve our clients in China, we’re excited to announce that we’ve decided to start offering you a new way to pay. Alipay is now available for those would like to begin using the popular 3rd party payment service. Alipay is comparable to PayPal and it gives you a safe way of sending funds from China. We value our international business clientele and we’re looking for new ways to continue to innovate our service in efforts to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

Here at Cheap Windows VPS, we strive to provide you with agile solutions. When you purchase a Windows based virtual private server, not only are you getting a powerful VPS at an affordable price, you can be assured that your server is being hosted by a company that understands international business. Our blazing fast 1Gbps uplinks ensure that your organization can have a presence in America and Western Europe.

We ensure that your data moves around the globe quickly and efficiently so you can focus on more important business endeavors such as making sales and scaling rapidly. We strive to understand the needs of our clients. If you need a customized server, help with your VPS or if you have a question about who we are and what we do, feel free to contact us on our Live Chat app or use our Contact Us page to send us your feedback. We’d love to hear from you!



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    • aaa aaa 5


        • admin admin

          @ aaa 其实是一堆废话,无实际什么内容,反正就是说支持支付宝了!

        • 星辰 星辰 5


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              @ 星辰 这个问题你发ticket问过官方没有?

            • 乐乐 乐乐 5


                • admin admin

                  @ 乐乐 那就是没问题了,需要自己处理下硬盘!

                • morgan morgan 6

                  硬盘写个“Solid State Drive Space”我一下还没反应过来,直接标个SSD不挺直观的。不知有没raid,不然顶不住国人的蹂躏吧。


                    • admin admin

                      @ morgan 有raid。价格不低,估计应该还是可以凑合的!

                    • speed speed 3

                      Unleash the power of the cloud. VPS.NET brings you the ultimate introduction offer: 25% lifetime discount; 1000% SLA all with dedicated 24/7 support and a 30 Day money back guarantee.这是为哪般

                        • admin admin

                          @ speed 没有什么啊,原来20美元一个月,现在是15刀一个月,不过只能选盐湖城和伦敦机房,其余机房的依然价格不变。他们家也有常规的VPS,只不过不是VPS云,价格也还便宜,12刀起步!