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  1. 生猴子臥槽终于来了。。。回复
    • admin我也在等啊!回复
  2. 生猴子卖什么关子 怎么不说出来啊回复
    • admin因为我也不知道具体内容是多少!回复
  3. 神父卧槽我要加群关注回复
    • admin看见你的域名我的眼睛都亮了!回复
    • 我就是爱淘这个域名实在是好回复
    • xiaoyutou好玉米!回复
    • 这,您是想干嘛 😯回复
  4. baby100群号多少?我也要加回复
    • admin直接点击就可以加群啊:119083232回复
  5. her什么时候发布啊。。。捉急,刚买了online回复
    • adminonline好买不?回复
      • her很好买啊。。。。估计现在没有了回复
  6. belinik似乎25刀只给新顾客?回复
    • admin老顾客也是可以的,冲25送25!回复
  7. ceshi老用户 充值了25送了25,是人工发的,所以再充值25也不会赠送了回复
    • admin应该是自动的啊!回复
      • ceshi我刚测试 是人工的。延迟5分钟回复
  8. xiaoyutou刚刚注册了新用户,出来这个邮件: In regards to this order, we will need a signed authorization from the credit card holder before being able to activate this account. Please copy the credit card holder's photo ID (front and back) and the credit card used (front and back) and use our secure submission form. Your unique link is located below: Alternatively, feel free to fax them to 1-609-380-7200 (fax) or email to Please complete this within 48 hours, or this signup will be cancelled and the charges voided.回复
    • admin按照要求把身份证和信用卡拍照过去,信用卡背面就不要发了!回复
      • xiaoyutou多谢,已经搞定。充5得40。不错啊(5+10+25)回复