Dear valued Torqhost customer.
On the 19th of November 2014, WaveCom LTD and TORQhost LLC signed a contract where all the cloud and dedicated server clients of TORQhost were acquired by WaveCom.
The main goal of the purchase of the client portfolio by WaveCom was to significantly increase its market share in the cloud and dedicated server market. The addition of 800 cloud and 50 dedicated servers makes WaveCom the biggest cloud server provider in Estonia. The next goal is to achieve the same status in the Baltic States.
All the service management, support and billing will be transferred to a new client portal in the upcoming weeks. This self-service portal offers significantly more convenient and comprehensive service management. There will be no changes in prices and features for TORQhost clients.
Beginning from December 2014 all the invoices to TORQhost clients will be sent from WaveCom LTD. A more detailed e-mail with instructions will be sent to customers after the transfer to the new client portal has been finished. Invoices issued before the transition should be paid to the bank account of TORQhost.
A new generation of cloud server infrastructure will be available shortly from WaveCom. The new system based on VMware and Cloudstack software offers high availability cloud services with unprecedented levels of flexibility and manageability. Users of the current KVM and XEN systems can be migrated to the new system free of charge. Servers will be migrated with the VMware converter tool without any significant downtime. After migration the cost of services will remain the same.
WaveCom LTD is a telecommunications opera"不可描述" offering internet, VOIP, server and data hosting services with high quality yet affordable prices to private and corporate clients for more than 13 years.
In the year 2011, a new datacenter was opened which offers modern solutions, advanced technology and redundant links ensuring the high quality of all services.
As WaveCom was founded in 2001 with a shareholder's equity of 1.2 million EEK. Current credit rating is AA (Very Good).
More info about WaveCom and its services can be found here https://www.wavecom.ee/en

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