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各位商家,如果需要买广告位,或者有促销信息、让本人测试VPS等请联系QQ 20510761

Hello folks,Welcome you here, if you want to post something (reviews,coupon code,offers...)on,please send  an email to   yihkung at gmail dot com or add my skype :  yihkung

details about advertisement , follow  images below:


  • A : $300/Month (no more than 960x90)
  • B: $100/Month (per article)
  • C: $100/Month (per each,125x125)
  • D: $200/Month (only banner,no more than 650x125)
  • E: $120/Month (no more than 250x125, per each)
  • F: $500/Month(no more than 600x250), in very post
  • G: $150/Month(no more than 250x125)
  • H: $180/Month(no more than 200x250)
  • I: $120/Month(no more than 650x125)


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  1. 季末表哥


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  2. Radu

    Hello, there where is the email to send our coupons?


  3. 某互联公司

    我们需要发个评测优惠码 优惠码已发送到你邮件里面 每来一个客户50元佣金

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