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LeaseWeb官方消息表示:LeaseWeb正式收购Ubiquity Hosting。本人就知道一点:UBI有很多很多的IP,虽然有自己的机房,但是服务以来就那鸟样,这次被LeaseWeb这样的大公司收购对广大UBI用户来说是个非常好的消息,以前购买的机器照旧,售后服务可能会有质的飞跃。






LeaseWeb USA Inc., one of the world's largest hosting brands, today announced it has acquired Nobis Technology Group, LLC, including its brand Ubiquity Hosting. Ubiquity Hosting operates seven data centers across the United States and provides dedicated and cloud server solutions to businesses worldwide.


“Ubiquity Hosting is a powerfully complementary addition to the LeaseWeb USA portfolio of customer solutions,” said William Schrader, CEO of LeaseWeb USA. “Now with 10 data centers across the continental United States, we expanded our network of coverage, giving customers even more strategic access to LeaseWeb’s leading portfolio of solutions. The expanded capabilities of LeaseWeb and Ubiquity creates a unique and competitive value proposition for customers looking for the right cloud hosting solutions that save them time, money and stress. Additionally, with Ubiquity’s presence in the multiplayer gaming industry, LeaseWeb is bolstering its offerings to allow game publishers to deliver the best possible experience to their players.”


Current Ubiquity Hosting customers will continue to receive the same services at the same pricing. In the coming months, LeaseWeb will be integrating the two company’s systems so that all customers may order services from all the combined facilities. By year end, LeaseWeb USA plus Nobis Ubiquity will offer enterprise-level equipment, infrastructure redundancy and superior SLAs across all US-based facilities. “We are delighted to welcome the Ubiquity team to LeaseWeb to further strengthen our position in the USA,” Schrader said.


“I am pleased with this opportunity we have of uniting Ubiquity and LeaseWeb because combined, our teams, our products and our infrastructure serve many market segments and complement what we have been striving for since we started in 2006,” said Clint Chapman, CEO and co-founder of Nobis.


Eventually, Nobis customers will move to LeaseWeb’s portal, which offers remote management and gives customers full control no matter where they’re located.


LeaseWeb acquired hosting and cloud customers in the transaction. The terms of the transactions were not disclosed.


DH Capital, LLC, an investment banking firm serving companies in the Internet infrastructure, communications, and SaaS sectors, served as Nobis Technology Group’s exclusive financial advisor in connection with the transaction.


About LeaseWeb USA, Inc.

LeaseWeb USA Inc. was established in 2011, a separate and distinct operating entity providing services in the USA. We are a trusted partner to mid-market companies, helping them find the right solution to their critical cloud-hosted needs from our global, managed hybrid platforms. Our hosting runs on one of the world’s largest, most reliable networks, boasting 5.5 Tbps bandwidth capacity with 58 PoPs – including 13 in North America – and a historic uptime of 99.9999 percent. For more information, visit:www.leaseweb.com.


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