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We’re excited to announce that as of 8 September 2015, ChicagoVPS was acquired by Velocity Servers Incorporated DBA ColoCrossing, headquartered in Buffalo, New York.

ColoCrossing, a premiere data center services company, began in 2006 and has since grown significantly over the past nine years, particularly in the dedicated server and colocation market. Through hard work and a great commitment to providing superior service to its customers, ColoCrossing is a major player in these spaces and has taken another step to be a larger player in the virtualized space by acquiring ChicagoVPS.

As such, we would like you to know that we value your business and that we are committed to ensuring you receive world class service. Most importantly you should know that the transition will be seamless, and that you may continue to communicate with us through the normal customer center and you may continue paying for your services as usual. ColoCrossing has already begun an immediate service enhancement process which includes additional customer service operators, based at our Buffalo, New York office, and upgrades of the ChicagoVPS infrastructure and hosting platform. Therefore, going forward, ChicagoVPS, a division of ColoCrossing will provide you with outstanding levels of customer service, in order to meet and exceed your every expectation.

Again, thank you for your business and we look forward to our continued relationship in the many days, months and years ahead.

Very best regards,

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    😛 我在chicago还有个2G内存,3年付39刀的VPS

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